best for guests. brian hancheck (the arctic flow)

Myrtle Beach (US) is the home of The Arctic Flow, a one man project that creates an ethereal, delicate and dreamy combination of jangly indiepop melancholy with shoegaze fuzziness.

Brian's several singles and EPs (and an album) are available at his bandcamp. His latest work is Dream You'll Never Find, a 4 track EP released via Dufflecoat Records.

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"I've never been one to compile a "best of" list for the sake of having a "best of" list. I do, however, want to recognize the following EPs and singles who I feel have had a massive impact not only on my meager quest for pop perfection, but on the small, but wonderful world of indiepop in general. Please note this list is in no order of importance. I'm just typing them as they come to me:


I've known these guys from back when Myspace was still a viable medium for musicians. I was taken with their music and soon struck up a friendship with Michael. Their 2012 EP, Goodbyes, is beyond words, especially the tracks, "Hai Bby" and "Half Open". This is the sound I dream of. They have started where The Radio Dept. stopped.
2. ARCHASTER Would You Like Some Tea? EP

Being on Little Treasure led me to reach out to Francis, the man behind Archaster and introduce myself. Upon listening to the EP I was amazed at how I couldn't get his songs out of my head. Archaster makes music that is so simplistic in nature yet begs to be listened to. Francis' vocals are soft and dreamy. This whole EP is one I can listen to over and over and over.

A nice indie pop band from Toronto. They remind me so much of my beloved Smiths. "While She Waits" is a classic pop song full of longing and I never, ever tire of it.
4. ARIEL Kid Games EP
 I first heard this EP at work through Soundcloud. I had a nice set of headphones on and that first track, "Funerals" came on and I was frozen to my seat for the next 5 minutes. It was like hearing Slowdive again for the first time.
5. BY THE SEA Dream Waters

Initially I was drawn to this band based on the artwork. What I heard was pure bliss. I don't think anyone has produced a dreamier single in all of 2012. I did find their full length a bit of a drag because it was like the same song over and over. But in small doses like this, it's heaven!!
 6. ALPACA SPORTS Just For Fun

The next big thing. I wish I did things as effortlessly as Andreas does. What a classic pop song. But that b-side gets me every time. It's like a long, lost Smiths' song.
7. ALPACA SPORTS I Was Running

I prefer "I Was Running" to "Just For Fun" but who can deny that Alpaca Sports is THE story of 2012?
8. CHARLIE BIG TIME Dishevelled Revelers EP

4 songs that are pure pop bliss. I can't believe how much they sound like All The Way Until December era The Arctic Flow.

A song from his long awaited solo album. One of the best songs I have ever heard ever. I don't have human words to describe its beauty and the effect the lyrics, melody and vocals have on me. Perfection.

What a wonderful collection of dreamy, shoegazy pop songs.

To say this album is perfection is a vast understatement. It is quite possibly the most perfect sounding and flawlessly executed collection of songs by anyone this year. The production from Ian Catt is superb. This album gently whisks by and then suddenly it's over.

Best wishes to you all in 2013

                                 Brian Hancheck from The Arctic Flow

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