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Roger is the guy behind Bleeding Gold Records, a record label that started as a blog in 2009.
Since then, it's been releasing limited edition vinyls from new artists spread across the globe.
The catalog features some pretty exciting new music - ranging from new wave and electronic to guitar driven indie pop. It includes artists like HEHFU, Tear Talk, Songs For Walter and Indoor Voices....

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At Bleeding Gold Records we get all kinds of submissions and have all sorts of ideas for the types of bands we want on the label. Sometimes talks will start, either by the band submitting music or the label seeking out interested artists, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen for whatever reason. We thought we’d take this time of year – the season of lists – to showcase some of those bands that caught our ears this year but did not turn into a deal with Bleeding Gold.

This is hands down the favorite submission of the year that didn’t turn into a Bleeding Gold release. Timing was an issue, my iPhone died after a long courtship and it was just not in the stars for this one. I still listen to it all the time and hope Patrick the best with his project. I’m a big fan of this one.  

Met these guys online and we were in talks to do something, but it just fizzled out. Cool, chilled out vibes from Italy. Maybe something will happen someday.

I met Andreas of Alpaca Sports through a Japanese record store owner who stocks some Bleeding Gold items. I really dug their sound, but ultimately he went with a label in his home country of Sweden (Luxury) for his first singles, and has an upcoming single with Cloudberry Records. High pop!

I first saw Cody play in Shannon and the Clams and was blown away with his performance. A friend turned me on to his solo project King Lollipop and again, I was blown away with what I was hearing. I bought the cassette tape. I reached out to Cody, hoping to work out some sort of deal on a 7”, but didn’t get much of a response. I’m not gonna let that stop me and he should prepare himself for another email from me in 2013.

I don’t hear from too many Americans, but when James reached out I could tell this was one to watch. A sort of travelling troubadour of the Pacific Northwest. I can’t really remember why this never turned into anything. Sometimes emails just stop and time takes its toll on my memory. But I remember really liking this guy.

Matt from Telethon is friends with Bleeding Gold alums Alligator Indian; chums from Florida. Last March we met up with Matt in Texas during SXSW and caught an awesome show at some random BBQ shack on the east side of the freeway. I am looking forward to catching up with them again in Texas, 2013.

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