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Ed Wood Lovers is a band from Cuenca (Spain) making music that spans from electronics to folk and guitar driven indie pop.
Since 2007, they have released 4 demos, a single for Elefant Records (containing songs from their 2010 album Lesiones Cerebrales).

A new album - to be considered their proper debut - is set to be released in early 2013.

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Here's Ed Wood Lover's contribution... a review of the best spanish album of 2012, in their opinion.


Spanish electropop masterpiece.

Hidrogenesse, the Barcelona-based synth duo, released earlier this year their most pretentious album to date, a conceptual eight song mini LP about one visionary man whose revolutionary ideas changed our relationship with machines fifty years ago. Big effort for an impressive result: a tiny but polished gem.

Following the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth, Hidrogenesse give away in “Recital para Alan Turing” a perfect balanced tribute to the English computer genious. The music, full of electronic highly enjoyable sounds and non-straight-forward but nevertheless catchy tunes, and the lyrics, a wide palette of references to Turing’s life and works and computer generated thoughts (incredibly beautiful “Historia del Mundo contada por las máquinas” ends the album as a perfect cherry on top), transport the audience to a world in which Kraftwerk are Gods and computers are as alive as human beings or at least as we let them be. After all this, you will never look at your laptop in the same way.

Far away from Spanish’s mainstream but at the same time keeping indie spotlights aside from them, Hidrogennesse have found the way of keeping their status throughout the years  by doing exactly what they want and when they want to. Don’t you ever change.

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