unknown colors

... sad day for puppets ~ unknown colors (haha fonogram, 2008)

sad day for puppets is a band from sweden and in 2008 they released an ep (just like a ghost ep) an a full album, their debut. soon after releasing the ep they teamed up with dan treacy from television personalities to record the album. both, the ep and the album are impregnated with the best dreampop can offer: wall of sound (with guitar and keyboards/synths), sweet reverb drums, distortions, cymbals, melodic harmonies and the mellow, calm, melancholic and whispery voice of anna eklund reminding some of the best mazzy star's moments.
music to sit back, maybe on a porch by the lake, maybe with headphones in the sunset and just enjoy the places where it may take you...

1. little light
2. blue skies
3. marble gods
4. mother's tears
5. cherry blossom
6. lay your burden on me
7. when the morning comes
8. last night
9. shiny teeth and sharpened claws
10. romans
11. all the songs
12. my twin star
13. whitering petals and dust

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