don't dance

the monolators ~ don' t dance (monolator music/ninja star, 2008)

not much to say about this album besides the obvious: dance like there's no tomorrow!!!
once husband and wife from los angeles are now a four piece band making catchy indierock with heavy bass, addicted riffs blending rock from the 50's and punk from the 70's.
great moments with the insanely catchy 'i must be dreaming', the ironic 'don't dance' (tell me if you are able to actually not dance) and my favorite 'i heard her calling from another room' with a fucking-good chorus!

1. i must be dreaming
2. oh no, everything has changed
3. don't dance
4. hearts going steady
5. i keep knocking
6. ca 3a 569
7. i heard her calling from another room
8. dutchess
9. this is goodbye
10. don't dance (reprise)

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