the silence of love

headless heroes ~ the silence of love (names records, 2008)

some time ago, covers were linked with mainstream artists as a subterfuge for poor/weak ideas. but i think this album comes to prove that this idea might not work nowadays...
a bunch of musicians from new york got together to record an album with covers for lost-in-time and recent songs...
the songs chosen aren't obvious, coming from the obscurity of discographys from i am kloot, juicy lucy, linda perhacs but also from some classics like jesus and mary chain's 'just like honey' and daniel johnston's 'true love will find you in the end'.
the songs are extremely well produced and someone could think that they aren't covers at all (even loving 'just like honey' it took me some time to realise that it was, in fact, the song). but i'll tell you, it's really great to hear a good cover of a song you like and also hear a cover of a song you don't know but it's pretty damn good, that makes you look for the original piece... that's what i felt listening to this (almost) chamber pop-ish album.
the highlights are from songs that i didn't knew: 'true love will find you in the end' by daniel johnston that opens the album (brilliantly) with lazy guitars and 'see my love' by the gentle soul that closes the album. some reviews say that the band create their own versions (which is a positive thing) but as a whole, they're too similar. i don't feel this way... they're not as inventive as nouvelle vague maybe, but i don't think that's a problem.
a great listening with beautiful orchestrations, a strong and bold female voice that creates an atmospheric mood as if you were inside a cafe with low lights, smokey air and a stage, and you can hear the band playing but you can't see it clearly.

1. true love will find you in the end
2. just one time
3. here before
4. just like honey
5. to you
6. blues run the game
7. hey, who really cares?
8. nobody's baby now
9. the north wind blew south
10. see my love

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L said...

I'm surprised the description doesn't mention the fabulous Alela Diane on vocals. Everything she does is worth tracking down and buying.