punky's dilemma ~ echelon (junk, 2006)

named after simon and garfunkel song, this trio comes from malmö, sweden and made its first appearance on a labrador's compilation. 'echelon' is their latest release and has five dreamy songs filled with male-female vocal, brit-folkish acoustic with flirtations with 60's pop, lovely orchestrastions and an autumn atmosphere.
the opening track 'shooting stars' sets the record mood: delicate, calm, brilliant melodies and arrangements. if this is the first song you listen, like i did, you'll certainly be impressed.
followed by 'the side effect of violence', an acoustic ballad with beautiful guitars and piano with melancholic lyrics.. "there's a song within the silence, that i wish is you, a side effect of violence that i'd never knew".
'scandinavia' ends the ep beautifully with heavenly orchestrations.
perfect for winter cold days and low temperatures.

01. shooting stars
02. a side effect of violence
03. echelon
04. century of time
05. scandinavia

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L said...

Leave it to the Swedes to find that perfect combo of 60s pop, girl-boy vocals and an autumn feeling. THanks for bringing it to us.