summer in minsk

essiar ~ summer in minsk ep (radio khartoum, 1999)

cyrille essiar is a french musician and there's not much information about him... the only thing he left us before vanishing is this wonderful ep.
i'm not exagerating when i say that this is a masterpiece...
essiar most significant trade mark is probably his arrangements resembling toy instruments without being cliché. he surely belongs to the chanson française but he drinks (a lot) from the waters of pop and rock bands like my bloody valentine, the jesus and mary chain, the smiths.
on the 6 songs you'll find dreamy guitars, lazy drums and rare melancholic feelings.
'romance' and 'madrigal' are heavenly!

01. le pied des arbres
02. aller voter
03. un cottage ecossais
04. romance
05. madrigal
06. n'en parlon plus


*on his website you can find more random songs that he's recorded throughout the years.

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