tomorrow is again

the relict ~ tomorrow is again (pehr records, 2005)

if you like the clientele, pipas or the pines you'll probably like the relict. i say this because this is a project with (all?) members from the clientele, lupe from pipas, abigail marvel and indiepop legend pam berry from the pines.
their sound is very much like the clientele's but with the addition of female vocals (duets, sometimes). so there's that calm, melancholic and almost ghostly clientele aesthetic that brings shivers down the spine. delicate melodies creating a weird feeling of uplifting sadness... great music for yellow autumn days.

01. time spent with you
02. i saw your eyes
03. breaks another
04. held in glass
05. childlike
06. along the avenue
07. letters
08. listen
09. in your hands
10. only there
11. southern way
12. darling i know


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L said...

I love clientele, pipas & the pines. And the Relict.