fan modine ~ homeland (grimsey, 2004)

fan modine is the work of gordon zacharias (also member of a number of acts such as the essex green), known as an "elliptical and underrated genius". this second album is a big favourite because it's pop in its purest state.
fan modine walks between early the magnetic fields towards more intimate sounds and meanings. "there's nothing quite like knowing where you belong" he sings in 'throughout your life' and you feel how mature and coherent the album, as a whole, sounds.
the songs are so graceful with cool, breezy orchestrations, uplifting and/or heartbreaking lyrics.
the highlights are 'homeland', a ballad build upon keyboards;
'pageantry' which brings the stephin merrit-esque lyrics 'when pageantry walks throught the door, i keep repeting track number four' with beautiful and an amazing awareness of string melodies;
'waiting in the wings' a melancholic balad with clever (so clever) lyrics 'in my last life i was respected people surrounded me i never felt rejected... so here is this life? i want redemption, i'm simply bored of separation and convention';
and the beautiful and sad 'the back and forth' with pianos and shy (yet perfect) electronic elements and the heavenly layer construction between vocal and backing vocal.

01. newsstand of the sun
02. homeland
03. we are all decades
04. pageantry
05. the back and forth
06. throughout your life
07. waiting in the wings
08. gulls by the sea
09. song of courtship
10. as a dream from above

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