when someone spend too much time listening to music the urge of making music may take you by surprise... 'but if i don't know how to play any instruments, what should i do?' you may ask... well, you learn to play something or you don't learn and still play something or you just deal with the fact that you are not a musician.
till this day i'm dealing with the frustration of not being a musician but i still hope that, someday, i'll learn to play guitar or piano or percussion or synths or ukelele... (i've even downloaded via torrent some video lessons teaching the basics for guitar and bass).
after a long time with this blog created, i decided to really start using it. here you'll find music mostly. but there'll be also works from video art to internet art; new media and multimedia relations.
hope you'll like it. and feel free to pay a visit every now and then and contact me.

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L said...

You've created a wonderful source of music that is off the beaten track - but should not be. Hopefully this will help it find a wider audience. Thanks for all your efforts. Hopefully others will take the time to leave their thanks and comments too.