slow runner ~ mermaids (independent, 2008)

hailing from charleston, south carolina, this duo created a lovely third album! melodies with personality and delicate emotions with never ending addition of new organic sounds. the vibe of the album reaches a wide range of feelings... mostly you'll feel like you're in love.
there's guitars, piano, drums... but there's also mandolin, wurlitzer, toy piano, french horn, banjo and some programming. all of them wisely used, no.. better: emotionally used to bring to us a very authoral album.
as darren robins wrote:
"is mermaids a contender for best cd of 2008? don’t be silly. this is a cd for people who (rightfully) put little stock in such questions, and will find themselves drawn to the songs on this album for years to come."
one of the best songs i've heard this year belongs to this album: 'the stakes are raised'. check also the heartbreaking 'i'm gonna hate you when you go' (remember to have tissues near you).
pay attention to the beautiful album artwork!

1. mermaids
2. horse armor
3. the stakes are raised
4. trying to put your heart back together
5. love and doubt
6. she wants to wrap her legs around the world
7. make you love me
8. i'm gonna hate you when you go
9. snow tires

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