try fly blue sky

the heart strings ~ try fly blue sky (grandpa stan, 2008)

the heart strings is another greeeat discovery and debut of this year... mixing guitars with charming, enchanting pop elements. some instrumentations could've been easily used in the movie 'labyritnh' from 1986 if sofia coppola had directed it... please, don't get me wrong: the songs are very up to date but there's a sense of fantasy in the whole album . even in the band, i should say. if you go to their website (which is very interesting), you'll see that they tell the story of the band in a rhymed poem...

he'd once met a guy in the womb of his mother
a fantastic drummer, and also his brother
so ask him to call on his rhythmical flare
and conjure some beats from his bass drum and snare...."

and that fantasy is wisely mixed with the best the 60's had to offer in terms of catchy-pop-folksy-songs. the album makes you think of green open spaces, blue skies, summer, warm breeze and when you were a kid... pay attention to the lovely naive 'nina and her very long hair' (which chorus will probably be stuck in your mind for some time), 'the new golden days' and 'her new disaster'.

1. kids
2. cannonball stan
3. he wanted to fly and he flew
4. pedalo
5. jose fernandez
6. mariana
7. the new golden days
8. nina and her very long hair
9. her new disaster
10. cosmos
11. general sherman
12. 1942

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L said...

I don't know where you find this music, but I'm sure grateful. Thanks.