parker lewis

parker lewis ~ parker lewis (mad for it, 2008)

(another) underrated swedish music maker coming from örebro. in his full lenght release, parker lewis delivers what he already did in previous ep's: pop gems!
the album has only 8 tracks but they are damn good. full of classy orchestrations and gentle- fresh jangly guitars that sometimes sounds like 80's twee. the songs have pretty, innocent lyrics with happy beats, some flirtations with samples and synths.
songs for bright and windy summer days.
also check the ep 'written and directed by parker lewis' released under cloudberry records.

01. via emilia
02. 75 days
03. bash the cynicals
04. cezanne
05. the only loving boy in new york
06. trouble
07. heroes
08. piazza pia


here's a lovely christmas song by parker lewis called x-mas carol, nyc.

and here's the just released video for the track 'cezanne'

cézanne from Sebastian Rozenberg.

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