songwriters of the north

the honest johns ~ songwriters of the north (comet discs, 2008)

the honest johns are from newcastle(uk) and this is the second album they release in 20 years (!!!). well, actually they had an album to be released around 1994-95 but that just became reality when firestation records asked them to put together their demos and ep's in one album called 'meteor 1986/90' that was released in 2005.
songwriters of the north is an extremely mature album. even taking 20 years or so to come out, it doesn't sound dated (at all). and besides the melodic, melancholic mood that permeates most of the album, there are times when they show more energy than a lot of acts that could be their sons (or young brothers?).
highlights to the lovely 'songwriters of the north', 'she knows the name of trees', 'big sunrise' and the awesome 'karaoke'.

1. forget her
2. freight train
3. stalker song
4. she knows the names of trees
5. songwriters of the north
6. listen
7. big sunrise
8. city streets
9. bingo
10. karaoke

11. wonder working star
12. dark love

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L said...

I like the melodic, melancholic mood. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Can you repost this disc, please?!