well well, mr. whale

suave as hell ~ well well, mr. whale (happy garlic, 2008)

suave as hell comes from mexico and it's a good example of the great indie scene of the country. the songs are full of lazy melodies, 70's-ish psychedelic keyboards and 60's pop a la beach boys... the music is very visual and juan pablo whispers-sings in english with a beautiful accent.
goes very well with sunny days and hot temperatures...
you'll have great moments with the cute 'polar bear' and the instrumental 'the day before halloween in 1938'.

1. emily and the mutants
2. polar bear
3. an affair
4. controlling the sun
5. susan's holiday
6. the day before halloween in 1938
7. the six year old international writing star


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talulah gosh said...

vou baixar esse e the heart strings...
mto bom o blog, já te disse isso mas enfim... keep up the good work!