crystal heights

celestial ~ crystal heights (music is my girlfriend/ lavender records, 2008)

second straight post from a band (or the project from andreas hagman to be more precise) hailing from örebro, sweden... that's a coincidence.
celestial's second album comes full of the jangly guitars reminiscent of sarah records but with echoings giving a shoegazy feeling; dreamy, warm vocals from dalin dahlberg and ulrika nymark - also member of douglas heart and laurel music - and sweet keyboard walls.
this album sounds cleaner than 'dream on', the previous full lenght release... the distortions gave place to clearer guitars melodies making dalin's voice the key element of the album.

01. preston park
02. wam against the cold
03. forever whispers secrets to me
04. love always comes to those who waits
05. crystal heights
06. how does it feel
07. lonely boulevard
08. try to understand
09. hope, you know

here's the simple and beautiful video for 'hope, you know'

"Hope, You Know" by Celestial from Music Is My Girlfriend.

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L said...

This is gorgeous - the vocals and the melody. Thanks for it.