tú hoguera está ardiendo

i won't make a fuss because this is the first real post of the chaotisch und charmant... i'm just gonna do it...

...klaus & kinski ~ tú hoguera está ardiendo (jabalina musica, 2008)

what really surprises me about this debut album from murcia (spain) band is that it's extremely bold and daring without being pretentious. from the first to the forth track they go from lovely, calm indiepop to shoegaze to electronicpop (which is ironic when the song's called 'rocanrolear', something like rocknrolling) and when the fourth song starts you may think "what the fuck...?" because you certainly will ask yourself what this band is about when you hear a bolero driven song.
the album goes on, track after track, surprising you. showing the wide range of influences and references with no fear of being labeled as insecure and/or naive. and even when it sounds naive in tracks like 'flash-back al revés' and 'en la cama', marina's voice feels like honey dripping to your ears.
the lyrics don't have a specific subject and it's quite hard to say "ok, this song talks about this and that song is about that". it's more like creating a feeling using clever, simple and sensitive sentences. of course there's love, suicide, cute naivety, excitement for rides in trucks at albacete highway...
this extremely mature debut is one of my favorite 60 minutes of the year.

1. el cristo del perdón
2. nunca estás a altura
3. roanrolear
4. mengele y el amor
5. flash-back al revés
6. autovía de albacete
7. muerte en plasencia
8. crucifixión, la solución
9. ronnie o'sullivan
10. teléfono de la esperanza
11. la mano de santa tereza de jesús
12. en la cama
13. lo que no cura mata
14. sintigo o sin ti


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