citytlights ~ demo (independent, 2006)

citylights was a project that lived from 1998 til 2006 in gothenburg and had only one ep released, in 2006.
the band was formed by 5 fellows and 2 of them are nowadays the great balearic-ish boat club (there's even the song 'memories' that was later released in boat club's 'caught the breeze').
the sound of the two acts is very similar: the airy guitars, synths, keyboards... but the sound of citytlights is more rough and dirty.
attention to 'reset' and its strong rock distortions (resembling joy division, maybe?) and the beautiful 'atmosphere'.

01. have you seen the rooftops
02. leaves
03. memories
04. poor as you
05. reset
06. atmosphere
07. citylights


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