nói albinói

slowblow ~ nói albinói ost (kitchen motors, 2003)

yesterday i saw a movie called "nói albinói", produced in iceland in 2003. it is a great movie about a 17 years old albino boy trapped in a small town and his teenager dreams of leaving. nói doesn't seem to fit and he spends most of the time wandering through the village and skeeping class (despite of being extremely inteligent) and he wants to runaway with the gas station girl to hawaii. the movie has some surreal elements that make the mood of the story even more captivating.
the movie is directed by dagur kári, a very young director and the soundtrack was created by his own music project called 'slowblow' with friend orri jonson.
today i'll post this soundtrack. it is sensitive to the bones... with that feeling (that i love) of recordings in the basement. some moments are a bit jazzy, others extremely childish... the band seems to go in diferent directions from other icelandic's acts, bringing acoustic guitars with gentle percussion. beautiful lo-fi songs from a band that surely needs more attention with a movie director that surely knows how to tell a good story.
'morgun' is wonderful (and so so so simple)...

here's the soundtrack:

01. beginning
02. hillbilly
03. hole
04. another beginning
05. rainbow
06. morgun
07. piece of cake
08. why hawaii
09. maproom
10. love on a couch
11. dinner
12. another hole
13. date
14. komdu litla barnid
15. grave
16. love on the phone
17. groove
18. sjoppa
19. elegy
20. aim for a smile

myspace of the soundtrack
band's myspace

and here's the movie trailer:

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L said...

Intriguing film. Looking forward to the soundtrack.