soft focus

oppressed by the line ~ soft focus (drifting falling, 2008)

oppressed by the line is the project of jon thompson, an american musician from a small town in texas now living in london. he makes touching tunes blending shoegaze, electronica, melancholic crystal guitars and amazing textures. among his influences are the magnetic fields, the cure, ride and vitesse...
'soft focus' is his second album and is full of delicate (yet powerfull) sounds.
in songs like the opening track 'condensation', 'don't bestow the lesser things' and 'solitude' we also hear the (moving) vocals and feel that jon's creativity can also be applied to his vocal skills and the ability to create another layer to his music. 'i can't remember the sound' and 'shattering glass houses' are the most shoegazy tracks filled with layers of electronica merging with walls of (beautifully played) guitars.
at moments - specially in the beautiful 'the stars are sleeping' it feels like you're inside a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites... actually most of the time, and the feeling is very conforting. melancholic, sad for moments but most of all conforting.

01. condensation
02. sorry i never wrote you back
03. don’t bestow the lesser things
04. the stars are sleeping
05. solitude
06. i can’t remember the sound
07. static images and soft whispers
08. thousands of miles and an ocean away
09. shattering glass houses
10. magnetic north

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