fantastic smile

individual ~ fantastic smile (junk records, 2008)

after 3 demos, individual released their first full lenght album making addictive indiepoprock inspired by classics. they are from valencia in spain but the last thing you'll find are spanish influences: their references are mainly british and american groups... belle and sebastian, hefner, the wedding present and r.e.m. might be among them.
the album is intense as a whole. uplifting. with songs that require less beauty and more freedom when it comes to dance. and you'll find a catchy chorus in every song.
the two guitars create a very interesting work in all tracks because there's a non-stop, rich (in melody and rhythm), sometimes psychedelic dialogue between them.
individual is another great example that the scene in valencia is one of the most prolific and to pay attention in spain. sometimes jangly. sometimes pure indie rock. most of the times danceable. always catchy and up.

01. think to smile
02. we can do it
03. kind, not fantastic
04. attention guys
05. kerouak
06. the hell is yours
07. the glow
08. go waste
09. 100%
10. meanwhile
11. honestly feel


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