canapé ep

puntapié ~ canapé ep (independent, 2006)

i wasn't sure about what i was going to post today but after i read that puntapié is no more i had to tell you about them.
two boys from valencia (again, valencia!) that in 2 years recorded playfull homemade electropop/technopop with naive-funny-cute lyrics in spanish. in fact, it seems that spanish bands have a natural ability of writing clever lyrics talking about robots, and being in love with a robot or your tv set, sometimes with another human being and about having babies. and even when writing about being in love with another person they're don't use the obvious metaphors and situations.
this is their only release. 5 songs with uplifting beats, claps, keyboards hooks and sometimes flirtations with acid music. all of them are true hits with addictive lyrics and awesome melodies that can (should!) burn the dancefloors around the world.
puntapié about puntapié: "...chocolate in the face, sticky sillyness and apologies to heterosexuality in high heels are our trademark..."

01. quiero estar contigo
02. enamorado de mi tv
03. amor amargo
04. mi novia es un robot
05. tener un bebé

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Thanks for more good music.