live at monokrom, kalmar

gentle touch ~ live at monokrom, kalmar (bootleg, 2005)

this is a very special post. it's an unreleased mini-show recorded in gentle touch's hometown. it was recorded at monokrom, a youth center with recording studios, music classes, café, rehearsal rooms...
gentle touch is a swedish band that plays melancholic songs with straight beats, melodic guitars and a strong 80's synthpop mood... so that's exactly what you'll find here.
they have an ep (gentle touch ep, 2006) and a full lenght album (in memory of savannah, 2008) released by songs i wish i had written.
i couldn't find any information about this bootleg so, if the dates are right, it was one of their first recordings. 'fascination' is a song that, later, would be part of the ep... here the guitars are heavier and the song faster.
there's also three never released songs: intrumental and shoegazy 'streak2m'; 'last dance' and 'our capital', both (almost) ballads with beautiful keyboards and strong beats.
and finally two really awesome covers: 'words' by low and 'the winner takes it all' by abba. i risk to say that they are the highlights because they brilliantly give their personality to the songs.
an intimate recording that will make fans of gentle touch happy and even emotional and a great way to know their music, in case you don't know it yet.
for those days when you get into a time machine and go to any given saturday with gray skies in the 80's.

ps: 'the winner takes it all' was actually taken from another bootleg recorded live at stagnelius, also in kalmar. don't know what stagnelius is (a bar? a club? a school?) so, if someone from sweden knows, please let me (us) know.

01. streak2m
02. last dance
03. our capital
04. words (low cover)
05. fascination
06. the winner takes it all (abba cover)


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