carrie ~ 1981 (static discos, 2008)

carrie's music is a blend of indietronica and acoustic-folk. but, of course, it's not only that because she goes from the postal service to tha radio dept in the same song. she comes from guadalajara, mexico, her real name is laura becerra and 1981 is her second album.
her music takes the beats, clicks and synths from a more cerebral and aseptic eletronic music and mixes with warming guitars and warming breathy vocals resembling hope sandoval. all very sensitive and also haunting. actually the album is like walking inside an empty house full of rooms and old furniture covered by sheets... maybe with a few (harmless) ghosts wandering around (you can hear theremin (?) ghosts in 'instrumental').
'road season' could've been soundtrack in a david lynch movie.
'feeding little dogs' is one of the highlights. its beats and keyboards wall may get stuck in your heart (i mean head) for some time with its catchy chorus.
'japanese coffee' is the most acoustic (with only guitar and a high pitched synth (more ghosts?)) and as delicate as chinese porcelain.

01. take one
02. feeding little dogs
03. stumble
04. the wrong way
05. road season
06. japanese coffee
07. 1981
08. instrumental
09. srta. cometa

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