tuesday morning huricane

jupiter makes me scream ~ tuesday morning huricane ep (bump foot records, 2008)

this is an ep that was in my computer for some time and last night i listened to it and i found quite moving. it's a mix of electronic, piano and guitars... all instrumental. actually it goes from a track with programmed beats and beautiful piano ('alinai'), pass through all electronic tracks (including the new wave-ish 'sunshine radio') and ends with a beautiful ambient song. there's also reminiscences of post-rock experimentation throughout the album.
the five tracks are extremely melodic and emotional.
by the way, this is a lithuanian project created by musician Karolis Burzinskas, also member of projects like kafka and the boys cult.
the label that released the ep is very interesting: based in japan and divided into bump, dedicated to uptempo and beat oriented music and foot, more relaxing and laid back. jupiter makes me scream belongs to the foot part. and jupiter works with photographer aurimas sapolas so you'll also find a folder with his photographs.
feeling introspective? here's a good way to spend 15 minutes... (or 30 minutes because you'll probably hear it twice in a row).

01. alinai
02. picture
03. routine
04. sunshine radio
05. this girl

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