fashion street

davey strange ~ fashion street (cloudberry records, 2007)

this is one of my favourite releases of one of my favourite labels (thank you, roque!). you may be aware that, being a cloudberry release, it has only 3 tracks. but it's solid, heartfelt and addictive.
you may not know davey but maybe you know his other project, strange idols.
his music is based on guitars and reverbs reminiscent of felt.
he says that his influences are peter gabriel, the the, the psychedelic furs, david bowie, blur, daft punk...
it's incredible the way he uses the guitars to create uplifting melodies with diferent patterns and layers of hooks and warm accords. the first two songs 'fashion street' and 'ode' sound like a tribute to his neighbourhood in london.
'let's go disco dancing' is one my favorite songs ever... i'm not overreacting. it is such a simple song with lovely and naive lyrics! and it's extremely synesthesic as if you were - while listening to the song - watching moving images of a love story being reproduced in the sky (a night sky maybe, full of stars). it starts really calm with some guitar distortion and it goes in a progression with the addition of more guitars and the distortions/reverbs getting louder,stronger and longer. and by the middle of the song a female backing vocal starts punctuating the song with 'na na's'... a classic love song/ballad with invitations to dance like a baby girl... in the eiffel tower... in the twilight time... in the afternoon...

01. fashion street
02. ode
03. let's go disco dancing


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L said...

Yes, Cloudberry produces great stuff. And thanks for this.