the bleak end starts here

mitch & murray ~ the bleak end starts here (regular beat recording co., 2007)

mitch & murray is a quite recent discover... they're from dudley, in a region known as black country somewhere in the uk. the region got this name because back in the 19th century it was intensely industrialised and the air pollution was extremely high.
this is their debut work and has slow burning, lo-fi alternative country with some red house painters melodies and some similarity with iron & wine. the songs are economical in arrangements with simple/gentle guitar lines and brushed beats.
the lyrics are mostly about "domestic dramas" as stated in their myspace profile. and you can almost get what this 4 boys (well, 3 boys and a girl) are when suddenly you here in a song 'my inhibitions won't allow me to dance'.
this is a great album to immerse yourself in... specially if you're introverted.

01. love will treat you like a dog
02. sleepy trails
03. three o'clock moments
04. health and wellness
05. even the good times are bad
06. god made the stars also
07. surviving desire
08. see thomas howl
09. rabbit chaser


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