call and response

sunny intervals
~ call and response (weepop! records, 2007)

sunny intervals is the full-of-sunshine solo project of andy from pocketbooks . call and response is his first ep and its 5 songs are a happy/poppy combination of (quoting andy):
"...just me, a piano, a guitar and a 1980s keyboard with a nice hammond sound and a drum programmer. the keyboard is falling apart now and i'll be completely lost when it finally collapses. the guitar is nearly as ancient. well, it's at least twelve years old anyway. i think only the piano is a product of this century."
call and response is a lo-fi ep recorded in the basement or the living room... who knows... the melodies are contagiating and you'll feelit after the first second of the first song 'let the city run away with us' with its twinkly keyboards and warming melodies. the structure of the songs are quite similar with that of pocketbooks with ups and downs, slower parts and then faster. and in just 5 songs you'll go from a walk through london nightlife, travel adventures, holidays, 60's revolutionaries to comic books figures.

01. let the city run away with us
02. weekenders
03. sunset on parliament hill
04. sixty seconds to fall in love
05. lights out over killburn


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talulah gosh said...

vou baixar... adoro sunshine pop.