rocks and tears

kelly slusher ~ rocks and tears (elefant records, 2002)

kelly lives in portland, oregon and this is her debut album. nine melancholic pop tracks filled with sweetness and dreamy, ethereal moods.
she got into music playing bass in a band called crash and britany but she wasn't happy because the sound was too noisy and her voice too delicate. what she really wanted was to sing her own songs with electronic beats.
so in rocks and tears (recorded in 2000 by dustin ruske from rocketship) she plays her beloved guitar, a beatbox and a delay pedal effect turning her voice into fragile cotton clouds going through your ears. gorgeous layering of harmonies from this diy lady.
great moments in 'untrue' as if new order were a incredibly shy girl; 'i need you' with dustin ruske singing with kelly; and '55 dollars'.

01. untrue
02. i'm the devil in the neighbourhood
03. sing that song
04. i need you
05. knee deep
06. movie
07. one more thing
08. i was wondering
09. 55 dollars

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