the ocean blue ~ cerulean (reprise records, 1991)

the ocean blue is a band from pennsylvania (but they sound like they're from liverpool) that makes music since the end of the 80's... they make a mellow, refined new wave sound with beautiful synths and catchy (oh-so-catchy) guitar hooks.
cerulean is their second album and probably my favorite... filled with atmospheric, introspective songs that are tuneful without being sugary and with consistency from the first 'til the last track.
some lyrics are a bit naive but the melody is so good that you end up paying attention to the details of composition and the diferent intrumentations. on the other hand, songs like 'cerulean', 'when life was easy', 'ballerina out of control' and 'questions of travel' are fine poetry!
my favorite tracks are 'cerulean' with its awesome guitar hooks; 'when life was easy', of of the saddest songs i've ever heard and 'questions of travel' with its beautiful mid tempo guitars and relaxing melody.
melancholy and autumn for your heart!

01. breezing blue
02. cerulean
03. marigold
04. a separate reality
05. mercury
06. questions of travel
07. when life was easy
08. the planetarium scene
09. falling through the ice
10. ballerina out of control
11. hurricane amore
12. i've sung one too many songs for a crowd that didn't wanted to hear

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L said...

"melancholy and autumn for your heart" I like that. Thanks for this.