a careless lifestyle

tillmanns ~ a careless lifestyle (fraction discs, 2007)

tillmanns comes from the prolific music scene of gothenburg and is formed by andreas and björn (well, it seems that now the duo had become a trio with the addition of a bass player).
they make music with undeniable new wave influences. and their sound also makes me think about bands like the cure, joy division and french dark wave act asylum party.
actually the combination is quite odd but works pretty well: on one side you have a darker new wave on keyboards and anders' hollow voice, and on the other pulsating life affirming melodies and winding guitar hooks.
speaking of guitar hooks there are incredible (contagious and vicious) moments like 'hypnosis' and 'twist' that'll most likely have you dancing.
the album has the atmosphere of an old vinyl from the early 80's that was found in the basement.

01. heavy rotation
02. background
03. hypnosis
04. cold hands
05. instrumental
06. opening
07. new place
08. sketching
09. twist (radio edit)
10. time

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