kite ~ kite ep (progress productions, 2008)

among the best things sweden can make to us are the electronic/synthpop duos. le sport, tillmanns, gentle touch... (i could go on).
kite arrived to be among these groups and it all started when christian (from yvonne and strip music) invited nicklas stenemo (from the mo and melody club) to put some vocals in his songs.
kite makes music to sing along and dance... nicklas' voice is rough and powerfull; quite diferent from the whispery, smoky vocals that synthpop duos use to make. their sound is like a retro new wave mixed with electro.
'ways to dance' and 'say it ain't so' are upbeat synthpop to the dancefloors, the last with a strong erasure-esque structure.
'my girl and i' is a quirky ballad and 'learn to like it' is also a slower but powerfull tune.
dance with kite but most of all enjoy the (almost) screaming vocals to sing along to the top of your lungs.

01. ways to dance
02. my girl and i
03. say it ain't so
04. learn to like it

'ways to dance' video:

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