the sound of arrows ~ danger! (labrador, 2008)

this is one of the latest releases from labrador and contains, probably, the catchiest song of 2008. oskar gullstrand and stefan storm are really young boys that just passed their 20s coming from - as said by some people - one of the most boring towns in sweden: gävle.
they really got serious into making music when, in 2006, they decided to make a christmas song using a child chorus audio from a video they found on youtube. the song never made it for the christmas because when it was finished it was around june of 2007.
but the time spent creating their christmas song was extremely positive because they discovered how the sound of arrows would sound. after that they started making experimentations with samplers, harps, strings and the rest can be known by listening this awesome heavenly-pop-synth-eletro-9-track-gem...
they say that their music is from pop heaven. and in fact, with 'danger!' you'll dance like you were flying towards the bluest sky and singing to the top of your lungs 'maybe you're in danger and you don't even know it. the world is a dangerous place but you won't admit it'.
songs like 'winding road' and 'a very sad song' sound more intimate, calm and with an ethereal mood, resembling acts from the balearic movement like air france and boat club.
there's also 4 remixes for 'danger!'... highlights to the pet shop boy-esque remix by mr pedro and the cute acoustic by ice cream shout.

01. intro
02. danger!
03. a very sad song
04. winding roads
05. danger! (cotton crew remix)
06. danger! (mr pedro remix)
07. danger! (panache remix)
08. danger! (ice cream shout version)
09. outro

soon, the sound of arrows will be releasing its second album... here's an official video/preview of the (also) addictive 'm.a.g.i.c':

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