love yourself

thunder power ~ love yourself (slumber party records, 2008)

a few days ago i received an email from matt, one of the six members of thunder power saying that if i liked indie pop i would probably like his band.
i downloaded the record- ep actually - but i forgot it among the infinite number of folders on my desktop. now, trying to organize it a little, i found/remembered that the ep was there and that i hadn't listen to it yet... so i'm listening to it right now and i have to tell you: it's beautiful... it's full of delicate instrumentations and guitar lines... and it's making me dance...
kacynna (beautiful name) is the leading female vocal and her voice is unique and smoky. ocasionally matt joins her to a boy/girl singing.
among the instruments i really like the vintage keyboard that permeates the songs. the melodies are really consistent and well crafted.
it's indiepop with blue skies, melodies with sunshine and kick ass twee!

ps: the cover artwork is beautiful!

01. take a hike
02. casanova
03. your pantry
04. imaginary rules
05. lucky to be alive

here's the (lovely) video to (lovely) 'take a hike', directed by lindsay trapnell:

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Anonymous said...

that's really great, thank you so much... cheers!

L said...

Thanks for this - it's new to me.