the lawlessness of the ruling classes

andreas mattsson ~ the lawlessness of the ruling class (hybris, 2006)

if this blog were here back in 2006 mr. mattsson debut album would definitely be in my 'best albums of the year' list... it's emotional most of the times, terribly sad for moments and beautiful from the begining until the end. andreas mattsson has a unique songwriting skill and is a master when creating pop tunes. but first things first:
andreas was a member of popsicle, one of the best swedish bands in the 90's and is, nowadays, a member of vanessa and the o's with vanessa contenay-quinones, niclas frisk from atomic swing and jame iha, former guitarist of the smashing pumpkins; he also had a big roll on the last album from hello saferide playing a variety of instruments and will be performing live with her.
this release contains 11 tracks going from ballads full of orchestrations to electronic upbeats to voice and guitar sadness. what makes this album so amazing is the attention given to every detail, specially when it comes to create melodies and the use made of each instrument. each one has its own tempo, its own distinct notes... and when together, they go so well, form such a unique atmosphere that hits you straight in the heart.
'you're never lonely when the band plays' is one of the highlights with its lush orchestrations and hearfelt melodies;
'through the evening, through the snow' is a more conventional pop tune;
the saddest song is 'it's easier to handle all your friends than to keep just one love alive' and you'll feel andreas power because, using just his voice and acoustic guitar, he'll make you cry like there's no tomorrow;
'so old, it's new' is the dancy song of the album with its flertations with electronic uplifting beats, great to dance a little...

01. Four majors
02. Down on the corner
03. It's easier to handle all your friends than to keep just one love alive
04. Where the wave breaks
05. Metal sky
06. You're never lonely when the band
07. Through the evening, through the snow
08. Summer of speed
09. I guess I should feel something
10. So old it's new
11. Every record, every book

here's the video for 'so old, it's new':

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