distant drummings

the brilliant mistakes ~ distant drummings (aunt mimi's records, 2008)

you don't need a great knowledge to distinguish good pop songs. specially when it comes in form of consistent guitar hooks, playfullness and unpretentious (yet thoughtful) sincere lyrics. well, that's the case of the brilliant mistakes.
hailing from nyc, this trio makes music since 1994 and since then play rock songs with classic pop melodies and a beautiful work combining a wide range of instruments that goes from vintage keyboards, hammond b3 organs, wurlitzer, pedal steel guitar to banjo, strings, horns and timbales...
their sound is a mix of country, americana and folkpop with the best 60's sunshine pop. among their influences are the beatles, kinks, beach boys, aimee mann, harry nilsson,simon and garfunkel...
delightful tracks sometimes happy, sometimes bittersweet. always catchy. the album was recorded in the heart of manhattan but it will take you to small towns where time seems to pass slowly and the days are always full of sun and blue skies.

01. the day i found my hands
02. monday morning (sky above you)
03. becoming
04. good year for a change
05. the circles not broken
06. water falling down
07. the words
08. time in the night
09. let's pretend
10. wake up your heart

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L said...

Those are great influences - beatles, beach boys, aimee mann, harry nilsson - Thanks so much.