cruiser ~ happyrobots:smilingpeople (kfm records, 2008)

an "electronic scottish pop unit" formed by two girls, two boys and a genious producer. this is their second release after the acclaimed (specially in usa) northern electric.
the previous release was downtempo and folkish but this time they come with an album with stronger beats and louder guitars with clear flirtations with shoegaze. nintendo sounds and guitars that sound like bagpipes turn the whole thing even more interesting in contrast with the simple (sometimes hypnotic) lyrics.
collaborations vary from peel session veterans persil, japanese singer mayuto and minnesota's tiger, tiger. two tracks were also used in michael baumgarten's movie 'last call before sunset'.
tracks like the hypnotic 'skyflowers' and the popish 'stay here instead' are true gems... the future is represented with 'retrogamer' and its vocals recorded with vocoder.
this is french and european electro making love with c86.

01. input
02. it's all good baby
03. a gentle press (feat. tiger, tiger)
04. skyflowers
05. you+me+ever (feat. persil)
06. sunshine warrior
07. reboot
08. hikari to iro (feat. mayuko)
09. retrogamer
10. happy robots
11. stay here instead
12. a key that hurts