plastic d'amour ~ debut (siesta records, 2002)

alberto and blanca, from madrid, form the plastic of love. he is a well known architect and also writes songs for other bands of siesta catalogue such as las escarlatinas, cristina georgina and bel divioleta; she is a (very pretty) journalist and in plastic d'amour she takes care of the lyrics.
they make fresh pop music with influences from 60's french pop (most of the songs are sang in french) but i should say that their music wanders through various directions. this is their first album and it's bucholic, calm and relaxing. they have two more albums 'olivia' and 'nicolás'.
here the songs are more based on slow guitars, dreamy piano and jangly bass with few effects and the subsequent works are filled with more heavier guitars.
emotional, melodically rich and bouncy tunes without being obvious is what they do best. add to that nostalgia and fragility and you'll be right in the center of their world, slowly floating above green fields full of yellow flowers.

01. la ficelle
02. the funny thing
03. petits suicides
04. dimanches
05. sirenes
06. charol

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L said...

Thanks for this - I didn't know they had a debut EP. I love this band.