johan hedberg ~ 5-spårs ep (labrador records, 2007)

johan is one half of suburban kids with biblical names, an essential act to understand swedish music scene, and this 5-tracks ep was made during his downtime from the duo.
here you'll find straight to the point pop songs made with beats, horns, cut and paste samples and the baritone voice of johan.
all began when he bought a new computer... he decided to take on a new approach: while in suburban kids there's a lot of re-recording and editing here on his solo project he would just make music with "fast production and no turning back".of course you'll find the sounds from skwbn but there's more lo-fi synths...
the whole album is sang in swedish but from this line "hurra for hritag fest och ol" (‘hooray for friday and for beer’)* we can securely say that hedberg still has a way with words.
twelve minutes of positivity and summery vibes!
* thanks ro!

01. nygubbe4
02. var dig själv
03. norrtälje
04. grammisgalan
05. galeria

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L said...

SKWBN is such a talented duo (in addition to one of the wittiest band names ever). Thanks for making this available.