caught the breeze

boat club ~ caught the breeze (luxury records, 2007)

some time ago i made a post talking about citytlights... well, now i'm gonna talk about two guys who were in the band and now play under the name boat club.
so far they've released a mini album called caught the breeze. it's the best example of balearic music (well, to me at least): airy, uplifting, warm, ethereal, crystalline...
the songs are filled with layers of noises, keyboards, mid-tempo beats and awesome (awesome!!!) crystal guitar hooks.
the lyrics are also pretty good, always evoking a certain warmth and reminiscenses from a melancholic summer. for instance, you'll get yourself singing over and over "i loose my mind for warmer climes(...) cause you, you can't fake the sunshine" and then humming the guitar that follows this verse in 'warmer climes'.
another catchy chorus can be heard in 'always away', a more melancholic song with andreas singing that "you're always away on rainy days" with his soft, cool voice.
boat club is music that comes from the ocean...

01. all the time
02. warmer climes
03. always away
04. nowhere
05. memories
06. spanish castles

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