the windmills ~ sunlight (matinée recordings, 2001)

the windmills started making music in 1984 but after a long break/split they reunite in 1998 to make the essex music scene brighter.
they make melodic jangly pop tunes that could've been written during the 80's by bands like the orange juice and east village. the 10-track album is filled with minor pop classics that'll most likely remain unknown by the masses.
when i first heard the windmills i thought that they were a band from the 80's because brought me the feeling i had when i listened to heartfelt guitar music of that era... (ok, i was just a kid back then but i already had my imagination and (most important) feelings).
roy thirlwall writes great songs about heartbreaking and people reaching for each other... as perfectly wrote dave heaton on erasing clouds: "...[the lyrics] they're not sad for the sake of being so; they're real, showing people for the lovable messes that they are". and roy's deep and expressive voice really makes you believe in every word he says/sings.
it's hard to name the highlights because the whole album is flawless... well, the only thing is that some songs could be longer, like the beautiful ballad 'taxi fare'.
the songs with keyboards are awesome as well, bringing a more airy and dreampopish atmosphere like in morrissey-esque ' when it was winter'.
this is definitely the album for sunday mornings.

01. unkiss
02. pounds, shillings and pence
03. taxi fare
04. when it was winter
05. she's so hard
06. boxing glove
07. cloud five
08. be groovy or leave
09. untouch
10. drug autumn

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Lovely stuff - thanks for this.