our town

pololeo ~ our town (shelflife, 2002)

oh, pololeo... so hard to find informations about you. what i know is that they're a duo - i love duos - formed by husband and wife patrick carney and denise grollmus. while making a research to make this post more reliable i discovered that they're in a band called churchbuilder where denise takes care of backing vocals and synths and patrick guitars and backing vocals.
our town is a short ep released on shelflife and is... well... very urban as the name may suggest. all the five tracks have less than three minutes and each has a name of a road, avenue or street.
the sound is a mix of synths, beats and soft guitars. by the way, the guitars fit very well with denise sweet voice. the songs belong to a place filled with naivety and melancholy in a city full of balloons and strong colors.
it's a great ep because you can sense the playfulness and ludicity of diferent sounds permeating the songs to create a quite enjoyable ten minutes or so...
great for walkings around your town playing with soap bubbles.

01. malvern rd.
02. rhodes ave.
03. crosby rd.
04. glendale rd.
05. aqueduct st.

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L said...

I recall churchbuilder as an excellent band. I'm not a fan of synth, but it's used well here and Denise's voice is terrific. Thanks for this.